A Practically Productive Person

by David Wilson on Jan 8, 2022

Are you at the start of a sugar-free January, or have you promised to never touch a pint again, or maybe you’re making a list and you’re checking it twice.

A Practically Productive Person

Are you at the start of a sugar-free January, or have you promised to never touch a pint again, or maybe you’re making a list and you’re checking it twice… sorry wrong month. Like I was saying: January is full of dieting lists, resolutions, bad weather, and limited light. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. A couple of tweaks to your day can make all the difference and have you walking around with that summer kick in your step.

I know it is a month where people can get bogged down, and with this never-ending lockdown seeming impassible it is only normal to have your good days and bad days. But try not to worry guys there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are 5 straightforward pointers that have worked for myself in the past so hopefully they will work for you!

Get The Day Started Early.

Now, this might turn some people off at 1st glance and others have already stopped reading. For those who are still reading, this simple start to the day has yielded great results for myself (a systematic snooze selector). This allows you to get started early and close the laptop, in a guilt-free manner at an acceptable hour. So when your colleagues are at home squinting at the clock on the bottom of the laptop screen you are doing you! It might be trying to adjust the new January diet of broccolini, baby spinach leaves, and a side of bitterly cold tap water, to something that might tickle a few more taste buds. The idea is to clear up the time so you can give your head some clarity and break up the monotony of yet another lockdown.

Get out there

“In this universe, there’s only one absolute… everything freezes”(Freeze, MR, Batman and Robin 1997). Ok, it’s not as bad as Arnie lets on. I know it’s a bit rich coming from a man who is known for wearing skimpies and roaming around in the Californian sun. He doesn’t have to deal with the prevailing winds of piercing rain pecking away at your window. But one thing we can all agree on is that everyone needs to be getting some fresh air and getting the blood flowing at least once a day. Take your breaks tactically. This simple tactic allows you to get some fresh air, clarity, and awaken the Bear Grills in you. Instead of flicking around on your phone looking at your mates’ pictures of a surprisingly sunny day. Get out and stretch the legs and do a lap of the block. It will give you a new perspective on your work, and at the very least give you a break from whoever you have been cocooning with for the last year.

Getting out and meeting people can help you drastically
Getting out and meeting people can help you drastically

Keep that Thermostat tuned in

This can be more complicated than it seems as office politics have changed to honest home-styled headaches with your better half/roommate/ dog… whoever it may be, who controls the heating. Since the dawn of insulation, there has been an ongoing feud as to how hot is too hot. Keeping yourself warm is important but too warm you will find yourself nodding off on zoom… that is a screenshot waiting to happen. Remember we are trying to stay alert here not incubate a baby.

Shake Things Up

There is nothing worse than getting bogged down in monotony. This is an easy slump to slip into. Realistically it helps nobody, if you are sticking to traditional office hours and dealing with the usual trials and tribulations of a year of working from home. Why not get the most out of work.

  • A simple example is flipping your daily routine on its head (if possible) or changing up your lunch routine.
  • Be it a Yoga class, your indoor workout routine, or a trip to the park with the kids.
  • Try do something that will break up your usual day.

Target and Track

I would be a strong believer in setting yourself mini targets and holding yourself accountable to them. There are a million and seven different methods, formulas and facts about this online. Find something that works for you. What works for me is lots of micro targets. Achieving these gives you a good boost and speeds up the day!

Hopefully these simple steps will allow you to maximise your January… and who knows you might continue it past the tee-totaling three week trap.

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