Front End Engineer

Front End Engineer - Future Opportunity - Ireland

We’re building out our contract platform Naoi here at nineDots. This isn’t a job opportunity, however, if you’ve an interest I’ll be in touch to explain it all in detail!

Here at we’re all about transparency and keeping it real. We’re launching an end-to-end contracting platform where we will be transparent about the rates we are charging (a first for recruiters?!)

Recruiters advertise positions and earn the difference between what a company pays and what the contractor earns, often at an outrageous margin - we want to change this.

As an end-to-end platform, Naoi will also make it possible to do everything in one place; interview requests, contract signing, timesheet management etc. We will also have several features on the platform to make securing your next contract as little hassle as possible! As an example, there’ll be a recommendations section on your profile page (think Trustpilot) which can help to reduce the need of laborious interview processes.

In a nutshell, we want to make contracting as easy as possible while not pulling the wool over your eyes. Naoi will also have exciting extra

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