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Prompt Engineer

Prompt Engineer roles are like buses, you wait forever to see one and then two come along at once. This role is with a EdTech company - they believe that education is a human right and that it is their mission to make the tools that educators need available anywhere in the world.

They have a suite of products to help - Online tests and assessments, analytics to process results, and a new set of AI products to help those overworked teachers get through their grading with a minimum of fuss.

For this, they’ll need a Prompt Engineer

You will

Work side-by-side with the Product team, Data Scientists, and Engineers to tweak and perfect LLM prompts for top-notch results.
Develop cool strategies to let customers customize AI tools while ensuring the output remains high quality.
Use techniques like one-shot, few-shot, prompt-chaining, RAG, Chain-of-thought, and Multiple-LLM strategies to design AI prompts.
Join forces with Data Scientists to test, monitor, and improve the performance of AI-powered products.
Manage prompting methods to get the best bang for our buck and keep LLM costs in check.

You need:

3+ years’ of experience working in AI
Some experience working with prompt engineering in production
Decent Python skills
Knowledge of multiple LLMs
Experience of the techniques mentioned above

If interested, get in touch on rose@ninedots.io I can’t know what you don’t tell me so if your Prompt Engineering experience isn’t outlined on your CV, email me to give me some context around your experience.

This role is 3 days per week in the Dublin city centre office. The 3 days are non-negotiable! They strongly believe that an in-person team culture is vital for this project.

Work permit sponsorship is not available, you’ll need Stamp 1G, Stamp 4, or EU passport.

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