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Prompt Engineer - WorkHuman GenAI

Are you a creative thinker with a passion for language and technology? Do you love solving complex problems and bringing ideas to life? Workhuman are building a team for an exciting new AI project. The details are obviously under wraps but they need a Prompt Engineer to help guide users to the prompts that will get them the knowledge they need.

You will be liaising with Data Science teams, ICs, and stakeholders.

nineDots are exclusively working with WorkHuman to hire a fleet of Gen AI oriented engineers for an exciting and secret new project.

So who are Workhuman?

As the leading global provider of technology solutions, analytics, expertise, and services helping organizations of all sizes build and foster workplace cultures powered by employee recognition and crowdsourced feedback, Workhuman is revolutionizing the way employees celebrate, connect with, and appreciate each other.

In the past 20 years, their products may have changed, but their mission hasn't. They exist to help companies harness the power of their most valuable assets – their people. And when they partner with companies to build winning cultures, the gains they can realize extend far beyond the balance sheet.

Say hello to the human workplace.

As a Prompt Engineer, you will:

  • Design, develop, and optimize prompts for various AI models to ensure they produce accurate, relevant, and creative outputs.
  • Conduct experiments and analyze results to refine prompt strategies and improve model performance.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI and machine learning
  • Provide feedback and contribute to the overall improvement of AI models and products.

What you need:

  • Background in computer science, linguistics, or a related field.
  • Experience with AI, natural language processing (NLP), or machine learning.
  • Knowledge and understanding of LLMs, RAG, and deep learning
  • Decent coding skills in Python.
  • An interest in and knowledge of ethical AI and responsible AI

If interested, get in touch with Rose on rose@ninedots.io

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