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Ruby on Rails Developer

The biggest thing for this team is developer happiness, working in a small team with lots of moving parts the team are focused on creating a happy and creative workspace.

You can work fully remote within Ireland or the EU once you have the proper credentials.

You will be part of the main product team working closely with Product Owners, Designers and other Senior Developers. Day-to-day work will involve all aspects of the company's platform which is built on rails and a dash of react. There will be no time for mucking about as you will be working on the main features from the get-go, your work will benefit the thousands of users on the daily.

I suppose I should tell you what the company do…Data makes the world go round, but do you people really know how to use data, do they know how to read it, do they know what the hell it is, the answer for many will be no, but they love to throw "show me the data" into a sentence. This is where these guys come in, they basically teach people how to do all the above. A Dummy's guide to data some might say.

Skills to pay the bills will be Ruby on Rails, some cloud and a smart enough individual that doesn’t need to be told what to do all the time.

This AD might seem blunt but look I didn’t use "Fantastic Opportunity" OR "Rapidly Growing Start-Up" so cut me some slack.

Anyway, you know the drill, CV to if you like.

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