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Senior Scala Developer

Senior Scala Developer - Remote in NYC

Every job ad on LinkedIn is the same, fantastic career growth this amazing opportunity that, when in fact it isn't. With that being said I will now try convivence you this is the job for you!

You will be joining a bright minded bunch of engineers that work in a cross functional team. The main project is to work with data engineers to help build out a new platform while improving the current one.

The company itself is a VC-backed data innovation start-up (around 8ish years), they transform unstructured data into insights for business and investors to allow them make more data driven decisions.

Scala is the name of the game in there but you will also need to be comfortable with Java and Python and you must be able to stand behind your code too. Everything's in the cloud so AWS/GCP is pretty key. We have placed 4 Engineers already and the feedback is great so far.

If your interest drop me a DM or ping over your CV to

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