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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

The nature and location of where and how people work has changed. This has had a lot of positive effects. People are able to work at home, in a click of a button share documents and data from multiple locations. You would have also heard about the growing increase in Cyber attacks and ransomware. Due to this, over 6 trillion dollars have been lost over the last couple of years, something is flawed... So how do we fix this?

It isn't going to happen overnight but you can work with a company that focuses on data security and governance. In a nutshell Cyber security helps protect against data leaks and ransomware.

The AI and ML will figure out the sensitive information and protected documents. These models find the unstructured data and contextualise it. The ML is training over 200,000 documents a day.

You will be working on a new cyber-security platform with a focus on functional programming and design patterns. If you have an interest in working with machine learning and a reactive distributed architecture, great!

You will be responsible for working with the senior engineering team to deploy and scale the services, along with looking after the infrastructure.

Bingo Buzzwords: Python, distributed systems, Kafka or RabbitMQ, relational and NoSQL databases

Bonus points: Kubernetes, DevOps, or security experience

If you are interested in having a chat about this position or looking at a spec apply here and I will reach out to you.


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