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Software Engineer - Language Development

Do you get a thrill from diving into the depths of programming language syntax and semantics? Do you love nothing more than debating the pros and cons of different programming language families with your friends? Are you the type who has strong opinions on topics like low vs. high-level languages, static vs. dynamic typing, functional vs. procedural programming, or LISP vs. the rest?

What I’m asking is - have you learned Malbolge, LOLCODE, or Fugue? Or some other language that no one has heard of and is designed to hurt your brain?

If this is you, let’s talk.

Your role will be to spearhead the design and development of programming languages—both enhancing existing ones and dreaming up brand new ones. You'll dive deep into financial use cases and get hands-on with tools like ANTLR to make it all happen.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Create and Innovate: Design and develop the next generation of programming languages, from big-picture concepts to the tiniest details of compiler implementation.
  • Understand and Solve: Get to know financial use cases inside and out, and use that knowledge to create languages that are not just useful but groundbreaking.
  • Collaborate and Learn: Work closely with a team of passionate language developers and always be ready to pick up new knowledge, especially in the finance world.

What We Need from You

  • Language Enthusiast: A deep love and understanding of various programming languages. Whether it's the beauty of Python or the efficiency of C++, we want to hear all about your favorites.
  • Team Player: Great collaboration skills to work smoothly with a team of like-minded developers.
  • Finance Curious: You don't need to be a finance expert, but you should be eager to understand and tackle financial problems.
  • Academic Chops: If you've got a research background, especially at the M.Sc. or Ph.D. level, that's a big plus! But don’t worry if you don’t.
  • Tool Skills: Experience with programming language development tools like ANTLR will make you stand out.

Fully Remote from the following locations: Work from anywhere in the UK or Ireland. This position is also available in Canada but ideally the eastern side (for timezone reasons)

Salary is €100K+ (this is flexible so get in touch if you’re seeking more)


Because this role is a bit unusual, I’d like it if you emailed your application with a bit of context to explain why you’re a good fit. This isn’t your normal software engineering job so not expecting the average experience!

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