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nineDots, who dis?

We specialise in anything and everything tech related. However, if we can’t assist, we won’t tell you that we can. What we CAN do is steer you in the right direction - we believe it doesn’t cost to be helpful!

nineDots, who dis?

Our values

About us

We were sick of being hated as recruiters (so needy, huh?) - it’s not ideal having to apologise for what you do (cue little violins) - so this is where the idea of nineDots started.

Have a look at the nine dots puzzle - it’s about thinking outside the box and this is what we try to do.

Things we like:

- Treating people like people (And vice versa!)

- Transparency/No bullshittery

- Building relationships, aka long walks on the beach

- Not asking people to do things we wouldn’t do ourselves

- Recruitment (sure we’d say that wouldn’t we? 😊)

Things we don’t like:

- The opposite of the above.

nineDots started back in 2017, with a few like-minded people from all different backgrounds, with our mission to do recruitment right. Since those days, the team has grown and so have we.

The Aha! moment for us was realising by having each other’s backs and the power of word of mouth, we’ve kept the train on the tracks.

Meet our team

Cian Crosse
The brains behind it all

Cian Crosse

Founder & MD, Technical Recruiter

Hot Sauce Sommelier 🌶️

Been in ‘the game’ for the last 10 years, for my sins 😂, but have loved every minute of it.

I like hot sauce (and anything spice related), hacking around a golf course, I claim I still skate (once, maybe twice a year) and am a fan of Hip Hop/Jungle/DnB and love me some Pop Art.

Recently become a bulldog owner, she is class. That is all.

David Wilson
My dog at the pub

David Wilson

Software Engineering; Python, .Net, Golang

Backseat Chef | CPO | Bento Box Enthusiast

I am a positive and entrepreneurial person who has a get-up-and-go attitude to life. Even after 5 years of recruitment :-) In this game you treat people like people and the chips should fall in your favour and hopefully be your flavour!

In my free time, I am always outdoors and traveling. Recently this has been in the form of learning more about soils, slugs, spuds, and sprouts in my family allotment with my parents... Although it's mostly manual labour, I think it's my Mr Miyagi moment.

Rose Farrell
a very cute tuxedo cat called Swanson

Rose Farrell


DevOps Finder, Digital Stalker, Cat Herder

I ended up in technical recruitment after realising it was the ideal place to utilise the devastating combination of being massively nerdy and a love of talking about technology.

I spend roughly 95% of my waking hours on the internet, keeping myself meme proficient.

In a previous life, I worked in the Natural History Museum in Dublin cataloging animals - forming a taxonomy of technologies was easy after learning the entire animal kingdom in Latin! I love technology in all its forms - I mostly recruit for the vast spectrum of jobs in Ops; DevOps, SRE, InfoSec, etc.

I look the same now but my hair is purple.

Mick McAdams
Bonnie & Cinnamon

Mick McAdams

Product and Leadership

Bulldog Lover, NFL buff

I've been working in recruitment for close to 8 years now; nobody woke up one morning and said 'hey, I'd love to be a recruiter'. Yes, I fell into it like everyone else and then realised I actually enjoyed talking to people and was really quite good at it.

I'm a big fan of Bulldogs, I have 2 of the heartbreakers at home and you can see me at the weekends getting knocked around a pitch playing American football.

Aisling Fogarty

Pet pending..

Aisling Fogarty

Head of People Ops

Design Dabbler | CCO | MasterChef Wannabe

I got into recruitment back in 2014, and am now in People Ops - how time flies! After spending a few years away soaking up the sun (and pretending I was in Home and Away!) I'm back in the Emerald Isle and immersing myself in my passion for design and people.

When I'm not at work I can mostly be found in the gym, veganising delicious meals, trying to make friends with cats and doing a spot of photography (although my website is constantly under construction!)

Ciaran Curtin

Pet pending..

Ciaran Curtin

Software Engineering

Pun lover, Simpson's S2-S10 fan

Like most others, I fell into recruitment and it has proven to have been an excellent life choice for me. I like talking tech and speaking to people, so this job ticks the boxes for me.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my missus and son, play a spot of golf when time permits, and love a pint of Guinness. Love rugby and football and when it comes to TV I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld and of course, The Simpsons.

I specialise in software engineering recruitment but don't mind getting my hands dirty in any facet of tech recruitment. It's good fun!

Ross McKenna

Ross McKenna

Networking, Support & QA

Plant Whisperer, Heavy Metal Addict & Office IT Guy

I'm about a year and a half into recruiting now and I'm still here so that's something. I have a background in IT and Psychology, so tech recruiting feels like the perfect place where I can mix both.

I'm a Shamrock Rovers season ticket holder and if I am not playing or listening to music you can find me tending to my vegetable garden or trying to learn Chinese. Wish me luck with that one. I also love Sumo wrestling. And beans.

Lee Kelly
Nico the dog

Lee Kelly

Design, Mobile and Sales

Synth man, Part time meme creator

Recruitment is never something I saw myself doing until Mick gave me a call and said “I think you’d be good at it”. Since joining nineDots I’ve realised how suited to it I am, I’ve been involved in music industry for the last 10 years and have always enjoyed getting to know new people and linking them up with others on the same level as them.

Outside of work I can be found making music, hiking with the other half, watching YouTube videos about F1 (trying to understand tyre grip) and pretending I’m Gordan Ramsay in a kitchen.

Andy Johnston

Pet pending..

Andy Johnston

Software Development

Deflated United Fan, Ex-Hairmesser

I spent almost 15 years in a career where talking to people all day was my bread and butter. So when time came for a change, and my knees and back started to show their age - recruitment seemed like the perfect fit. Chatting to people and forming relationships are my buzz (plus I get to sit down now while I do it 🤗)

When not enjoying my new chair, I can be found faffing about in the Irish sea, listening to hip-hop and taking photos of my food.

Mande Fonseca

Mande Fonseca

Data, AI, Machine Learning

Senior (Data) Tech Recruiter | Colorful | Proudly Nerd | Cats herder | Heavy metal addict | Dot #10

Hello, visitor! Have a sit, I'll make some coffee :D

I'm Brazilian and started in recruitment about 10 years ago and so far I have not been able to leave (or I did not want to?)

I love people, their stories, and the paths they've taken in life to get where they are and know where they want to go. Knowing that I can be part of this path, even if being an intermediary is what makes the job worthwhile.

Like every good nerd, I'm driven by technology, games (mainly FPS, War, and I have a very strong crush on Kratos), and lots of music, I can spend more than 16 hours a day listening to music and heavy metal helps me concentrate and relax (yes, I meditate listening to Slayer, for example).

When I'm not working you can find me in the gym, playing some game, in a pub with friends, or else in some restaurant (I LOVE to try new foods) but surely you will find me at home squeezing with all the love of the world my cats and keeping me updated on the news (memes, obviously).

And if you're asking about the technologies that I have expertise in hiring the answer is that when you are a Tech Recruiter you just learn everything you need, but I'm specialised in Data, Cloud, Development, Support and Infrastructure (but I'm the Data girl here, cos you know... Nerd) :)

Sophie Delaney

Pet pending..

Sophie Delaney


Contract Recruiter | Jelly Enthusiast

Coming soon!

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