Hell & Back winning entry

by ninedots on Jun 8, 2023

Big congratulations to Daniel Finlay who won our escape from Kilruddery competition! Daniel crafted a riveting story for his entry, that has us all wondering what was next. Have a read of it! Well done Daniel - we expect you to enter all nineDots competitions now, you've set the bar quite high!


Here is his winning entry:

"Hi there,

About this prize for H&B entrants, I think you'll find that I NEED it. The fate of Ireland rests on me getting that prize.

You see, I need to become an elite escape artist ASAP. Why, you ask? Because soon I will find myself in the dungeons of London..

You're aware of our wonderful President Miggle D Higgins, yes? You've seen the photo of him on a child's BMX? Good. Now ask yourself, what if he was 200% taller? Imagine the POWER and INFLUENCE he would have on this world. He would break Trump's hand with a handshake. He would give a piggy back to Trudeau. WELL - this is what COULD HAVE BEEN.

I have uncovered a classified British plot entitled "Operation: Shrink and Wink". During a visit to the London Museum, among all the other stolen stuff, I noticed a small scroll hidden behind a tribal mask.

The scroll was a blueprint. A blueprint for a SHRINK RAY. At the bottom on the tea-stained scroll, there was an address - a specific red phone box in London. I went there, and dialled the number on the back of the scroll. CUE WORMHOLE AUDIOVISUALS. Disorientated, I found myself in a hospital; witnessing the birth of a GARGANTUAN child. I listen to his mother whisper "Happy Birthday, Miggle...".

SO, naturally, with this knowledge, I will locked up in London at any moment. In fact they might already be Back to the Future-ing me, I could fade away any moment! If you see a transluscent antman at H&B, you'll know it's me. That is why I deserve this prize, I need to escape and tell the entire Irish nation the TRUTH!

Kind regards,

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