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Senior ML Product Engineer

Warning ******This is not a Data Science Position *******

You will fit in here if you are someone who can work on the product team and own all the ML and analytics capabilities. You will be in charge of allowing data-driven sustainability to reach new heights. This is a game-changer for the service industry. With the product being rolled out in Ireland and England it's on you to take it up to another level.

You can join revolutionise the service industry. You will work on a product that is relatively young and has only started to reach the capabilities of what the product can do. The only enemy is the 40-hour working week :-)

You will work closely with the team to improve the product based on real-world usage. You will plan, build and ship new, high-impact features to make the product smarter, more powerful and ergonomic for the users.

You will have a lot of autonomy here and ideally, you will bring ownership, ideas and problem-solving ability to the table.

Some of the necessaries to have are experience with ML models the likes of XGBoost library

Python, which powers the backend services - FastAPI, TypeScript and React AWS services.

If you want to talk about this position in more detail apply here and we can catch up.

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