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[Founding Engineering Role][Remote][€100k+/- depending on experience + equity + benefits]

If you fancy getting your teeth stuck into something new, you like building products and are interested in joining a well-funded start-up, then look no further 👀.

Someone who I’ve gotten to know well over the years is looking for a founding engineer to join their team.He is a brilliant guy and extremely smart.

The company itself has just raised a substantial amount of seed funding and is looking for another engineer to join its team.You won’t be joining a company with nothing built either. The company’s platform is there but not released yet, they currently have 5 engineers so you’d be an early joiner (here is what the Founder said):

A founding engineer (for us) is an early engineer who is part of the people building the core product with us. On the spectrum of companies being early, we got our seed round, we are pretty mature in terms of product, team, and paying customers. Meaning that we have a well-polished product as of today, we have a product team in place, and we have paying customers proving that we are onto something.

The TLDR, I think it could be described as an omnichannel comms platform.

Technologies: Ruby/Rails, AWS, REST, GraphQL, TypeScript (and or VueJS)

If any interest in having a chat, apply here or hit me up on and look, don’t worry, applying isn’t a committal, we can have a chat and see if it floats your boat.

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