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Now that everyone's on their health kick in January. The fridge is full of greens and grains. But like most good things… they don't last forever.

Are you like me? Do you shiver when you open up that bag of spinach and the waft of waste is as piercing as looking at the wilted leaves… Oh well I can just get another, it's only 2 euro.

At home this may not be an issue, but on a large scale this waste makes a huge dent on margins. Shouldn't all companies aim to make their operation sustainable. You can help companies bring visibility to their food waste.

You can take these products from concept to finish, by crafting the perfect experience for customers. The tools that are used to do this contain an AI-boosted meal planner, Sensors that will monitor food waste, and finally you can offer a way that companies can calculate their carbon footprint.

The day to day will involve designing and architecting new features and developing the entire platform. You will be very much hands on at the start and help build out the current team of engineers. You and the other members of the engineering and product teams will sleep soundly knowing that you are making a tangible difference in eliminating food waste.

Tools for the Job

  • Over 5 years experience with Python/React OR other modern OO programming languages. Ideally you will have web experience.
  • Forward thinking on technologies and bringing new tech and ideas to the table.
  • Experience with high traffic systems and Distributed architecture design

You will be offered a long list of benefits from pension to stock. The offices are located in the city centre and ideally, you would have a bit of face time with the team. Around twice a week.

If you are interested in one of the positions or if you want to talk about it in more detail click apply and I can fill you in with the missing information or send you a spec.

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