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Principal Engineer

Do you find regular DevOps architecture too normal and want to solve the problems that perplex? Do you want to work with people who really love Data and DevOps rebuild a monolith system into a lovely, agile, speedy, microservices, infrastructure?

  • Let me tell you about this company - they have millions of users with activity every 2 seconds and more than one billion data points to be organised.

    You would be part of a Data Platform team and very much working as a DevOps/Platform Engineer. It’s not very hands on - it’s more strategic and hence it is a fairly senior role.

    This isn’t a role to step up into - you need to be already the person driving technical decisions and you’ve seen it all happen before - right or wrong.

    Call this job what you like - Data Platform, MLOps, DataOps,

    What it means is “I am the expert when it comes to how DevOps and Data cross over” and “I can build an infrastructure that can support billions of data points and make those safely and easily accessible”


    AWS is essential. You’ve built complex systems that use AWS and have managed huge amounts of data.
    You have personally driven technical decisions and implemented them - you can demonstrate where you’ve done this in your career and you can stand over your work
    You have previously successfully removed roadblocks for your team, keeping (nearly) everyone happy in the process.
    Experience with tech like Splunk, Spark, Glue, Kafka - all the Data family
    You’re not fully hands-on - you’re mostly working on strategic things but you’re not allergic to getting stuck in. You’re probably compelled to touch the keyboard/code fairly often, to demonstrate a concept or to get an idea down into the codebase.
    Programming languages: Java, Scala, Python - any of these.

    If you're interested, get in touch with me on rose@ninedots.io or call 085 8504540. If your CV is a bit rusty, don't stress - reach out and say hello and I'll help you polish it. :)

    Salary: €110,000 - €130,000

    Interview process: 3 steps - Screen / Technical / Culture fit

    Hybrid: 2 days a week in Dublin office.

    Benefits: Healthcare, 15% bonus, 5% pension, gym + exercise classes, usual bits like snacks, EAP, etc.

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