HybridFull time

Tech Lead - Engineering

You will be working a split of 70/30 with this one and it's looking like you will have 4-5 direct reports. Typically these guys promote within but they feel the best move going forward is to bring in external people to share some wealth.

70% of your time will be rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on, and the other 30% will be managing people. Part of the people management side of things will be setting a culture of continuous learning along with creating an environment where people are encouraged to speak up.

Now, enough of what you will be doing more of the company. The way hotel prices are in some cities these days you would nearly have to re-mortgage your house for a 5-night stay. This is where these guys come in, they provide easy access to hostels in over 180 countries. This allows people to compare and secure the right accommodation without it hurting their pockets.

The tech stack is PHP focused with a splash cloud thrown in.

Anyway, you know the drill, CV to daire@nineDots.io if you like.

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